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Our Mission

is to empower students to experience themselves as the world, and in the process leave them enlivened and present to their own power, passion and potential, giving them the tools to play bigger on the international stage.

  • GLIA Testimonials "I would recommend this program to anyone as this was inspirational, innovative, entertaining, and a great outlet to learning how to be a great leader."
  • GLIA Testimonial "The Self Empowerment and Leadership Program was super informative and helpful in developing self confidence and not limiting yourself."
  • GLIA Testimonial "The way the staff was willing to help with other people's dreams was amazing."  
  • GLIA Testimonial "I learned that the only thing that is stopping my dreams from becoming a reality is me" "I really found out how to go beyond my comfort zone."

What is a Study Tour?

Study abroad is a well known model for students to do just that. However, in our quickly changing world it is important for students to explore the world as much as they study it. The term Study Tour defines a new way in which students will experience short-term, dynamic tours while developing in-depth understanding of a country, its culture and its people by engaging with it first hand.

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