Creating global citizens by uniting students through travel and education.

China + the United States + YOU = an amazing future

We all want a prosperous future. We want to be prepared for a globalized world, and we want that world to have a healthy environment, bounteous job opportunities, and international peace and understanding. As the top two world economies, the US and China’s futures are bound together. We have a say in what that future will be.

You don’t have to know how to be a global citizen to be one

Jump in! Travel abroad, attend a program in your own neighborhood, or both! All of our programs bring together Chinese and American middle & high school students, so you can learn from your peers, not from a book. Serve as an ambassador for your school, your culture and your country. We are committed that you will complete your program confident, connected and proud of the difference you made.

Why us

Our fearless leader started the entire study tour industry in China to the US with her partners 10 years ago. Moved and inspired by the personal growth and open doors that learning a new language and traveling provides, she assembled a dedicated team of Chinese and Americans who share the same passion and launched L&Z Global Study Tours.

Our team has over 10 years of experience. Since 2012 we have designed camp after camp, tour after tour, trying out innovative new curriculum and tossing out anything that was less than incredible. Now, our Service Learning Trip to China and the Language and Culture Exchange Program are our masterpieces, designed 100% with you in mind:

• 1:1 ratio Chinese and American students

• Your international buddy will also be your host family

• Contribute to your peers and the local community

• All programs are high value, low cost. As a social enterprise we are out to make a difference.

• Personal pre-program, during, and post program assistance. Located in southern California? Our team can come to your school!

  • Student Testimonial "Coming to the Chinese school was the highlight of my year, the experience of both teaching and learning with Chinese students showed me a new perspective which allowed me to grow and build close relationships along the way. 100% recommended."
    Service Learning Trip to China
  • Teacher Testimonial "L&Z help us put together an incredible opportunity, and their guidance before the trip prepared us well for living in a different country."
    Teacher, Service Learning Trip to China
  • Student Testimonial "L&Z turned China into a place to call home. "
    Purag, Service Learning Trip to China
  • Student Testimonial "The way the staff was willing to help with other people's dreams was amazing."
  • Student Testimonial "I really found out how to go beyond my comfort zone. I learned that the only thing that is stopping my dreams from becoming a reality is me."
  • Student Testimonial "I would recommend this program to anyone as this was inspirational, innovative, entertaining, and a great outlet to learning how to be a great leader."
  • Student Testimonial "The self empowerment and leadership program was super informative and helpful in developing self confidence and not limiting yourself."

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

That’s where we come in.

Step up and stand out.